Museum Council

Markus Notter, President

Isabelle Graesslé*, Vice-President
Director of the International Reform Museum

Rolf Fehlbaum, Member
Board member of  Vitra AG

Irène Herrmann, Member
Associate professor

Catherine Labouchère, Member
Deputy of the Grand Council of Vaud, Local councillor in Gland

Pio Pellizzari, Member
Director Swiss national Sound Archives, Lugano

Iwan Rickenbacher*, Member
Communications consultant, Honorary professor at the University of Bern

Marc Wehrlin*, Member
Consultant and mediator

*Members of the Finance Committee, Chair: Marc Wehrlin

Directors and Management

Andreas Spillmann , Dr. rer. pol. Director

Markus Leuthard Head of Conservation & Restoration, Deputy Director
Heidi Amrein , Dr. phil. Head Curator Collections & Documentation
Nicole Minder , lic. rer. soc. Director and Head, Château de Prangins
Marco Castellaneta Head of Museum Operations


Barbara Meglen Assistant to the director
Dina Wüthrich Assistant to the head of Museum Operations/Reception
Fabienne Colacicco Reception
Luigi Razzano Operational Projects Manager

Alex Harb Scenographer

Conservation & Restoration

Markus Leuthard Head of Conservation & Restoration
Thomas Bochet , lic. phil. Project GBE
Luciano Boschetto Project GBE

Conservation Research

Marie Woerle , Dr. sc. nat. ETH Head of Conservation Research
Erwin Hildbrand Laboratory Assistant
Conservation Research
Vera Hubert , Dr. sc. nat. Chemie Chemist
Tiziana Lombardo Dr. Geologist

Conservation & Restoration

Markus Leuthard Head of Conservation & Restoration
Françoise Michel Conservation Collections

Elke Mürau , Kons./Rest. FH Head of Conservation Organic Objects
Nikkibarla Calonder , Kons./Rest. FH Conservation Textiles
Carolin Muschel , Kons./Rest. FH Conservation Textiles
Uldis Makulis , Kons./Rest. FH Conservation Photography, Drawings, Paper
Gaby Petrak , Kons./Rest. FH Conservation Furniture, Wooden Objects
Elisabeth Tarawneh Dipl.-Rest. (FH) Conservation Textiles
Geneviève Teoh Conservation Paintings
Peter Wyer , Kons./Rest. FH Conservation Sculptures

Katharina Schmidt-Ott , Dr. Head of Conservation Archaeological Objects
Cédric André Conservation Wet Organic Objects
Nicole Gebhard Conservation Wet Organic Objects
Martin Bader , Kons./Rest. FH Conservation Metals
Elsa Sangouard , Kons./Rest Conservation Metals
Janet Schramm , Dipl. Rest. Conservation Metals
Bruhin Stefanie Conservator-restorer archaeological finds

Martin Ledergerber , Kons./Rest. FH Head of Conservation Inorganic Objects
Jürg Mathys Conservation Technical Artefacts
Ulrike Rothenhäusler , Dipl. Rest. Conservation Glass
Sarah Longrée , Kons./Rest. FH Conservation Precious Metals and Stained Glass

Object Centre

Bernard A. Schüle , lic. phil. Head of Object Centre and Registrar
Donat Stuppan Photography
Werner Rüegg Operating Technology

Angela Zeier , M. A. Head of Lending and Education and Teaching SZ
Maya Jucker Lendig, Registration

Marcel Sax MAS Head of Logistics
Bruno Hehli Transport
Benno Meier Museum Technics
David Pazmino Museum Technics
Werner Trinkler Museum Technics

Edgar Hiltebrand Head of Storage Management
Roland Twerenbold Storage Management

Daniel Glarner Head of Printing and Distribution
Nana Amankrah Printing and Distribution
Sebastian Kubat Printing and Distribution
Sergio Kupferschmied Printing and Distribution
Andreas Niederhauser Printing and Distribution

Loredana Vögelin Cleaning Service
Katherine Alves Cleaning Service

Collections & Documentation

Heidi Amrein , Dr. phil. Head of Collections & Documentation
Christine Keller Lüthi , Dr. phil. Editor of ZAK
Carmela Petralia Secretariat, Editorial, Translations
Laurence Neuffer , lic. phil. Secretariat, Editorial, Translations
Ellen Bryner-Schoner , lic. phil. Project Office "Collections"


Heidi Amrein , Dr. phil. Head of Research Centre, Curator Antiquity
Eva Carlevaro , lic. phil. Curator Iron Age
Luca Tori , lic. phil. Deputy Head, Curator Bronze and Iron Age
Samuel Van Willigen , Dr. phil. Curator Prehistory
Anne Kapeller , lic. phil. Documentalist, Curator Roman Era

Cultural History 1

Christina Sonderegger , lic. phil. Head of Cultural History 1, Curator Furnishings
Christine Keller Lüthi , Dr. phil. Curator Hallwil Collection, Manuscripts, Glass, Mediaeval Ceramics, Murals
Hanspeter Lanz , Dr. phil. Curator Precious Metals, Tin, Modern Era Ceramics, Deputy Head Collections & Documentation, Curatorial Responsibility for Zunfthaus zur Meisen
Mylène Ruoss-Koller , Dr. phil. Curator Paintings, Stained Glass, Sculpture
Bernard A. Schüle , lic. phil. Curator Ethnography and Technology
Pia Schubiger , lic. phil. Curator "Forum of Swiss History, Schwyz"
Anna Lisa Galizia Dr. phil. Curator Textiles, Costumes, Toys, Jewellery
Joya Indermühle dipl. Arch. Assistant Curator
Karin Wälchli Project leader textile archives
Anna Lena Jurt Portmann Conservation Organic Objects
Roman Gysin BA Research associate textile archives
Manuela Camichel lic. phil. Research associate textile archives
Andrea Franzen MA Research associate textile archives
Susi Boller Registration textile archives

Cultural History 2

Pascale Meyer , lic. phil. Head of Cultural History 2, Curator, 20th/21st Century
Jürg Burlet Curator Uniforms and Militaria
Felix Graf , lic. phil. Curator Graphic Arts Collection
Erika Hebeisen , Dr. phil. Curator Arms and Militaria
Hortensia von Roten , lic. phil. Curator Coins and Medals, Deputy Head
Rebecca Sanders , lic. phil. Exhibition curator
Ricabeth Steiger , lic. phil. Curator Historical Photography
Denise Tonella , lic. phil. Exhibition curator

Collection documentation, Picture Archive and Library

Dario Donati , lic. phil. Head of Collection documentation
Elena Mastrandrea Picture Archive
Andrea Kunz , lic. phil. Picture Archive
Brigitte Burkhalter IuD-Spezialistin FH Library
Lea Hatvani IuD-Spezialistin FH Library
Andreas Hösli Documentation

Château de Prangins

Nicole Minder , lic. rer. soc. Director and Head, Château de Prangins
Helen Bieri Thomson , lic. phil. Deputy Head, Curator
Marie-Hélène Pellet , lic. phil. Deputy Curator
Rachel Vez-Fridrich , lic. phil. Communications, Marketing, Fundraising
Ana Vulic , lic. phil. Education and Teaching
Odile Rigolet , MSc in Management Administration
Jocelyne Spady Clementz Coordinator Administration and Teaching
Jacqueline Naepflin Karlen Accounts
Steve Mohler Operational Manager
André Schärer Deputy Operational Manager
Bernard Messerli Research associate
Staremberg Nicole , lic. phil Research associate

Museum Operations (except for Château de Prangins)

Thomas Fechtelkord Head of Human Resources
Debora Causio Deputy Head of Human Resources
Nina Wunderli Human Resources

Martin Vogt Head of Finance & Controlling
Toni Isch Finance & Controlling
Martin Lustenberger Finance & Controlling
Yvette Goetschy Finance & Controlling Assistant
Dominik Ott Legal and Contracts

Walter Milan Head of Technique & Security officer
Hannes Baur Technical project leader exhibition projects

René Vogel Head of IT / Integration Manager
Daniel Niedermann System Manager
Michael Ruckstuhl Project Management & Development
Danilo Rüttimann Web Designer
Stefan Hengstler Support
Pasquale Pollastro Multimedia Producer

Peter Krebs Head of Marketing
Carole Neuenschwander Project Manager Marketing
Juliette Wyler Communication and Public Relations
Serge Hediger Communication and Publishing
Eliane Burckhardt , lic. phil. Communication and Publishing

Prisca Senn Head of Education and Teaching, Zurich
Rühl Magdalena , lic. phil Research associate Education and Teaching, Zurich
Sanders Rebecca , lic. phil Research associate Education and Teaching, Zurich
Talia Ongaro Assistant, Education and Teaching, Zurich
Szanto Kinga EMAA Assistant, Education and Teaching, Zurich

Irene Richner-Brunner Head of Museum Services
Roland Rilling Deputy Head of Museum Services / Head of Visitor Services
Katharina Kollegger Deputy Head of Visitor Services
Milosava Lompar Welcome-Desk staff
Karl Zehnder Welcome-Desk staff
Peter Dotto Welcome-Desk staff

Jean-Claude Haus Security Desk
Heinz Baumann Security Desk
Andreas Nerlich Security Desk
Fritz Mühlethaler Employee portal and security desk
Rachid Fejry Employee portal
Jachen Salvett Employee portal

Alig Romana Visitor services staff
Ammann Vroni Visitor services staff
Baki Norma Visitor services staff
Bogialli Marta Visitor services staff
Brottrager Stefanie Visitor services staff
Cane Sergio Visitor services staff
Dominguez Danilo Visitor services staff
Fierz Sonja Visitor services staff
Gilbert Catherine Visitor services staff
Giupponi Linda Visitor services staff
Götz Alexandra Visitor services staff
Gügi Suely Visitor services staff
Holbein Corinna Visitor services staff
Illavsky-Heuscher Nadia Visitor services staff
Joho Eva Franziska Visitor services staff
Külling Celine Visitor services staff
Külling Sandra Visitor services staff
Lustenberger Pia Visitor services staff
Lüthi Ernst Visitor services staff
Mayer Pamela Rahel Visitor services staff
Neff Franziska Visitor services staff
Paoluzzi Maria Valentina Visitor services staff
Pfister Andrea Visitor services staff
Stadler Julia Visitor services staff
Thut Ildiko Visitor services staff
Tufo Roberto Visitor services staff
Vogt Eveline Visitor services staff
Von Schulthess Martina Visitor services staff
Wagner Max Visitor services staff
Walt Roger Visitor services staff
Willi Barbara Visitor services staff
Wüthrich Tamara Visitor services staff
Zeier Dominique Visitor services staff

Toni Spuler Head of Building Services & Dep. Security officer

Mike Zaugg Head of Exhibition Team, Textiles
David Schwitter Mobile Exhibition Team, Carpentry and Construction
Bachir Ezzerari Mobile Exhibition Team and Building Services
Marc Hägeli Operating Electrician

Forum of Swiss History, Schwyz

Pia Schubiger Curator "Forum of Swiss History, Schwyz"
Karin Freitag-Masa Head of Business Administration / Marketing & PR
Renate Amuat Education and Teaching and Administration / Marketing & PR associate

Organization chart

Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum
Landesmuseum Zürich
Museumstrasse 2
8021 Zurich

Tel.  +41 (0)44 218 65 11
Fax  +41 (0)44 211 29 49

Opening hours
Tue – Sun 10 am – 5 pm
Thu 10 am – 7 pm

28.04.2014 closed

Labour Day
01.05.2014 open 10 am – 5 pm

Ascension Day
29.05.2014 open 10 am – 5 pm

Whit Sunday | Whit Monday
08.06. | 09.06.2014 open 10 am – 5 pm

Musée national suisse
Château de Prangins
1197 Prangins

Tel. +41 (0)22 994 88 90
Fax + 41 (0)22 994 88 98

Opening hours
Tue - Sun 10 am – 5 pm

Opening hours
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